Baptism at St Cuthbert’s, Wells

When a baby is born there is usually the wish to celebrate the new member of the family. In Baptism – also called “Christening” - you are celebrating the arrival of a new member of God’s family, and we welcome those who want to make this commitment and seek God’s blessing on their child and themselves for the years ahead.

Services happen on a Sunday, often at midday after the main 10am service, as there are so many families who like to take this step that not everyone can be fitted in for a baptism in the main service. However we do encourage parents to consider this possibility also when your child can be welcomed by the branch of the church family worshipping here.

If your child is Primary school age or older we will want to include them in talking through the promises and commitments that Baptism involves.

And of course from time to time adults come to faith in Christ, or discover that they were not baptised or christened when young and want to be baptised. This gives a real opportunity to help people explore faith as well as celebrate their membership of God’s worldwide family of faith.

If you are interested, or want to know more, do contact us with your details and we will be delighted to meet and talk further.