Dear CTWA friends,


In CTWA, we have prayed and worshipped together strongly over the years. We have also reached out to the community around. Over the next two years we believe God is asking us to build on this.


During Lent you are invited to pray for a particular aspect of our community either alone, with a prayer partner or as part of a group preferably daily or once or twice a week. The prayer diary attached will enable Christians across Wells to pray for the same thing each day.


This is a foundation for CTWA to share in ‘Thy Kingdom Come..’ an ecumenical prayer initiative in the ten days before Pentecost May 25th to June 4th The hope is that churches, groups or individuals will get passionate about praying and will agree to meet together, do a prayer walk or simply be more aware of praying for Wells and Area in daily life. It is hoped that

  • prayer walks will happen around streets, neighbourhoods or issues,
  • people may meet in a coffee shop to simply be a praying presence
  • or open their homes or churches to pray around a particular issue – education and young people, health, social isolation.


    If you are planning to do something specific for prayer in that period then do let Rowena know as soon after Easter as possible and she will ensure CTWA churches know so that others can join in. A brief note of what and where and contact information is all that is needed.